Fluoride Treatment in Berkeley Heights, NJ

Fluoride is probably the most well-known mineral in the world of dentistry. The popularity is justified as fluoride has numerous benefits for the health of our oral cavities. At Jersey Smile in Berkeley Heights, NJ, we can provide fluoride treatments for our clients as we have experience doing them.

While fluoride is present in most water sources and available toothpaste, fluoride treatments contain much more concentrated fluoride. In dentistry, we recommend these treatments, especially for children.

Fluoride Treatments for Children

Children are more vulnerable to dental caries compared to adults. At Jersey Smile, we believe that the sooner a child has dental caries, the worse their dental health will be when they grow up. That’s why you’ll find that almost all insurance plans cover fluoride treatments for children, but might not include them for adults.

Fluoride works by strengthening teeth. Additionally, if there’s ongoing tooth decay, fluoride can keep it from reaching the core of a tooth.

We recommend against performing fluoride treatments at home. The amount of fluoride used for each person has to be accurately calculated. The use of too little fluoride won’t lead to any benefits, while excess fluoride has side effects.

Too much fluoride can cause teeth pitting and staining. It’s also bad for bones. Fluoride can lead to bones that are dense but weak. It’s for these reasons that in-office fluoride treatments are superior to those done at home.

We apply fluoride to teeth through different forms. We can use a brush or apply it through a tray. This tray contains fluoride and is worn over the teeth for a few minutes then removed. Fluoride treatments are easy to perform and don’t take any time.

Fluoride Treatments for Adults

Fluoride treatments are also beneficial for adults. It’s fair to say that they’re more valuable to children but important for people of all ages. As we mentioned earlier, your dental insurance might not cover fluoride treatments for adults. Fortunately, fluoride treatments aren’t expensive at all, even if you pay for them out of pocket. If you want to find out more, you can call our office.

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