Dental Sealants in Berkeley Heights, NJ

Although dental sealants are known for their benefits to children, they are useful to anyone with teeth. Natural teeth are vulnerable to tooth decay due to bacterial action and cavities. While regular brushing and flossing go a long way in keeping your teeth clean of food debris and particles, it’s difficult to clean hard-to-reach corners of the mouth.

If you or your loved ones need protection from cavities, you have the convenient option of getting affordable dental sealants near you. Dental sealants are particularly useful in keeping your molars safe from bacteria. This is because we use molars to grind food particulars, and they tend to be rough and uneven which makes them a perfect habitat for bacteria.

Contact our offices for information regarding dental sealants, and we’ll be happy to explain the benefits, procedures, and costs. Dental sealants are a quick, painless way to protect your children’s – and your own – teeth from cavities.

Importance of Preventing Cavities

Dental cavities can result in a number of unpleasant outcomes which are listed below:

  • Occasional or continuous tooth pain that may keep your child awake at night and make them restless and cranky in the morning
  • Bad, unpleasant and sour breath can make social interactions embarrassing
  • Heightened tooth sensitivity (and probable tooth pain) while eating hot, cold or sweet foods
  • The appearance of grey, brown or black spots on the surface of teeth

Untreated cavities can spread down to the tooth nerves and roots and cause extreme pain. At this stage, patients may require more complex and expensive treatment. If you’re interested in dental sealants in Berkeley Heights, NJ, feel free to contact us for guidance and information.

Our dentist in Berkeley Heights, NJ can apply dental sealants in just a single setting. Sealants are made of special plastic and are applied in a liquid or gel form. The dental sealant flows into the nooks, crannies, and deep grooves of molars and hardens instantly so that your child can begin chewing normally almost immediately. Make an appointment with us at your preferred convenience to get dental sealants near you.

Search for dental sealants near you and make an appointment with us at your preferred convenience.

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