Teeth Whitening in Berkeley Heights, NJ

Natural human teeth tend to be gray, yellow, or off-white. This is because the substances teeth are made of are natural and produced by the body, which does not create the pleasing white color that people usually associate with perfect teeth. Unfortunately, due to the rise of social media and glamorous movies and TV shows, more and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the natural appearance of their teeth.

If you live in Berkeley Heights, NJ and are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, come visit us at Jersey Smile. We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, a field that focuses on changing the appearance of their teeth without affecting function. If you want brighter, whiter teeth, see us about teeth whitening.

What Is It?

Teeth whitening is a treatment that bleaches the surface of the teeth, lightening the enamel by up to eight shades. This process can be completed in our office, or we can give you a kit to take home. Each whitening process uses a gel that breaks down to produce oxygen. This oxygen is what lifts stains from the teeth and brightens the enamel, creating a whiter smile.

Is It Safe?

A common concern for individuals is whether or not the process of teeth whitening hurts. In previous decades, whitening was known to cause dental sensitivity because of the large amount of hydrogen peroxide used. Modern options like those available at Jersey Smile don’t cause sensitivity or pain because the formula has been adjusted.

How to Maintain

Once you have your teeth whitened, it’s important to prevent future staining. We recommend that patients avoid consuming staining beverages like coffee, tea, and soda. It is also a good idea to not smoke or consume tobacco products, as these are responsible for the browning of the teeth.

How to Receive

Interested in teeth whitening in Berkeley Heights, NJ? All you need to do is schedule an appointment with us. Our dentist will professionally clean your teeth and can whiten during the same session or send you home with a professional kit. Our friendly staff will also educate you on how you can keep your freshly whitened teeth bright in the future.

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