Smile Makeovers in Berkeley Heights, NJ

At Jersey Smile in Berkeley Heights, NJ, we get many patients inquiring about smile makeovers. It’s a misconception that a smile makeover is a procedure. In reality, it’s just a term that means doing what is necessary to make a smile look better and brighter.

There’s no single procedure that represents smile makeovers. We have a variety of tools and procedures that allow us to complete a smile makeover. At Jersey Smile, we decide what to use based on what needs to be fixed. While someone you know may have gotten two particular procedures during their smile makeover, you might need different ones.

Creating a Plan

When a patient comes asking for a smile makeover, we can’t begin working immediately. A smile makeover requires careful planning and discussions. It would be wrong to act based on what we think is best, although we will always offer our guidance and advice.

The first step is to listen and find out what the patient wants. If a certain tooth is bothering them, then we need to find out how to manage it and so on. We create a simulated version of the outcomes and display it to the patient using software or through a mock model. We start working when the patient tells us that they’re happy with what they see.

Different Procedures

Different people need different procedures. People with stained teeth usually need teeth whitening. If teeth whitening doesn’t work, then we’ll have to rely on veneers. Veneers are very thin shells that are used to cover teeth that are resistant to whitening or ones that are crooked.

Dental implants are also popular. We use implants to replace missing teeth. A missing front tooth has a great impact on a persons’ smile and needs to be replaced. A missing tooth at the back of the mouth also needs to be replaced to prevent other teeth from shifting and gaps from appearing.

At Jersey Smile, we’ll listen to you, set a plan with you, and then start discussing treatment options. What matters most is that you face the world with a smile you love.

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