Endodontics in Berkeley Heights, NJ

The teeth are a complex structure and a necessary component of oral health and wellness. While many people mistakenly believe teeth are made of bone, they are actually composed of multiple materials like dental enamel, internal nerves, and an interior soft pulp.

Many of the issues that affect the teeth strike the dental enamel, which is designed to protect the softer structures inside. Unfortunately, if someone allows tooth decay or dental damage to go untreated, the soft pulp can become infected and start decaying. The result is a lot of pain and difficulty doing basic activities like eating and chewing.

At Jersey Smile in Berkeley Heights, NJ, we provide a specialized treatment called endodontics to tackle the trouble of soft pulp that is under attack. Our skilled staff has received extra education to handle these problems, and we use the latest techniques and technology to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during treatment.

What Is Endodontic Treatment?

Endodontic treatment consists of procedures designed to treat the soft pulp. In the early stages of infection, an endodontist might try to save the tooth’s internal structure by prescribing antibiotics. If this doesn’t work and the pulp cannot be saved, then a root canal is necessary.

The Root Canal

A root canal is a specialized procedure wherein our endodontist removes infected and damaged soft pulp from the interior of the tooth. The treatment requires the elimination of pulp from the thin roots of the tooth, hence the name.

When the pulp is removed, our endodontist sanitizes the interior of the tooth, so bacteria isn’t left inside. A substance called gutta-percha is then inserted and allowed to harden to replace the missing structure. At the end, the tooth is capped with a crown to hold the entire structure together.

The Benefits

The main benefit of proper endodontic treatment is being able to keep your natural dental structure even after the tooth has started to decay or been damaged. A secondary benefit and the one many patients care about is the alleviation of pain. Without the soft pulp and nerves, you will no longer feel pain in your tooth, allowing you to enjoy your regular activities.

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