Preventive Dentistry in Berkeley Heights, NJ

Although dentists have several procedures they can use to save teeth and restore them, they first try to prevent patients from getting tooth decay. Tooth decay is preventable if patients and dentists work together. Our dentists in Jersey Smile in Berkeley Heights, NJ use these preventive dentistry treatments to keep teeth healthy.

Routine Checkups and Cleanings

Two of the most important preventive services that dentists provide are bi-annual checkups and cleanings. When they examine your teeth, they may find the beginnings of decay or see the need for a deep cleaning rather than one that’s routine.

They will also examine the soft tissues of the mouth, tongue, and lips to look for other problems like oral cancer. During routine checkups, our dentists at Jersey Smile can spot whether you need to brush better, are brushing too hard, and give you tips about brushing your teeth correctly.

Deep Cleanings

Deep cleaning is usually the protocol when your dentist sees tartar build-up or the signs of periodontal disease. Ideally, this cleaning will remove plaque and tartar before the gum disease causes serious damage to the gums.

This cleaning is also known as scaling and root planing because the dentist will examine your teeth and have the dried-on plaque, which is tartar, removed from your teeth to the gum line, and in-between them. While plaque is easily brushed away, tartar isn’t, so you’ll need to have dental professionals remove it.

Fluoride Treatments

Another preventive treatment is having fluoride treatments for your teeth. If your community doesn’t have sufficient fluoride in the drinking water, then dentists may use fluoride treatments to re-mineralize the teeth that show signs of decay.

The frequency of the treatments will depend on the damage to the teeth. If your teeth are badly decayed, then one of our dentists at Jersey Smile may suggest a fluoride treatment once every three months to prevent damage to your teeth.

Our dentists near you in Berkeley Heights, NJ will use good preventive treatments to help you battle tooth decay and keep your beautiful, healthy smile intact.

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