9 Signs You Might Be an Ideal Invisalign Candidate

9 Signs You Might Be an Ideal Invisalign Candidate

May 01, 2023

Do you feel good about your smile? Or perhaps you find yourself embarrassed or hiding your smile when taking photos? Whether your teeth are crooked, stained, damaged, or missing, there’s something you can do about it. If you have misaligned or gapped teeth, our dentist in Berkeley Heights, NJ, can correct your imperfections with Invisalign and give you that smile you’ve always desired. Below are nine signs that Invisalign treatment might be suitable for you.

  • You’re embarrassed about your smile.

If you often find yourself smiling with your mouth closed or behind your hand, it means you’re unhappy with your smile, and it might be a good thing to consider Invisalign. Invisalign can help straighten your teeth and give you a smile you love. You can return to smiling widely and confidently when taking photos without feeling self-conscious.

  • You follow instructions or are disciplined.

While Invisalign treatment is highly effective, your results will depend on your ability to follow your dentist’s or orthodontist’s instructions. For instance, your dentist will recommend wearing Invisalign aligners for at least 20 – 22 hours daily and changing to a new aligner every two weeks. You must also not eat anything besides water with your Invisalign aligners. Like your teeth, you should clean your clear aligners daily. Can you meet these conditions strictly? If yes, Invisalign might be right for you.

  • You want a discreet treatment.

Unlike traditional metal braces with highly noticeable wires and brackets, Invisalign only requires you to wear clear, custom-made plastic aligner trays. They are virtually invisible and fit snugly around your teeth, allowing you to correct your smile without people noticing. You can go about your work or school normally without hiding your smile.

  • You have a busy schedule.

With traditional braces, you typically need more frequent appointments for regular adjustments and checkups. Fortunately, with Invisalign, these many appointments aren’t necessary. Your dentist will give you several Invisalign aligners trays to change at home every two weeks, and thus you’ll only need a few follow-up appointments. It is less likely to disrupt your schedule.

  • You want a comfortable treatment.

Traditional metal braces can cause abrasions in your mouth. However, Invisalign is different. Invisalign aligners are made from a soft, high-quality plastic material and are customized to fit snugly in your mouth, making them feel comfortable and better than braces.

  • You have a strict diet.

Traditional braces are fixed in your mouth throughout your orthodontic treatments. For this reason, your dentist or orthodontist might recommend avoiding hard, sticky, colored, or acidic foods and beverages as they can damage your braces, cause injuries, or increase your risk of oral infections. Wearing braces might mean changing your diet. It might be difficult, especially for people with underlying health problems like diabetes who must follow certain diets.

With Invisalign, you can drink and eat whatever you want if you remove the aligners first. Then, brush or rinse your mouth thoroughly before putting the aligners back in. It helps reduce plaque and bacteria buildup in the mouth, which can lead to bad breath, gum disease, teeth sensitivity, and tooth decay. You can keep your diet while still correcting your smile.

  • You’re looking for a permanent solution.

If alternative treatments like dental veneers and crowns provide less natural results, consider Invisalign for more natural, effective, and permanent results. Invisalign aligners treatment will likely offer a more lifelong and permanent solution to your smile.

  • You have minor to moderate orthodontic problems.

Most studies show that Invisalign treatment is effective for minor to moderate misalignments. Therefore, if you have a more severe case like malocclusions, you may require traditional metal or clear braces to straighten your smile.

  • You should have a generally healthy mouth

Teeth straightening treatments like Invisalign and braces require you to have overall good oral health. Oral problems like gum disease and cavities must be treated before getting Invisalign treatment.

Visit an orthodontist

Do you think you’re a good candidate for Invisalign treatment? Visit our orthodontist near you for a comprehensive exam to determine your eligibility. If you don’t qualify for Invisalign, our team will suggest a better solution for your condition. If you have existing oral issues, our team can help address them before your Invisalign treatment.

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