What Are the Benefits of Fluoride and Fluoride Treatment?

What Are the Benefits of Fluoride and Fluoride Treatment?

Sep 23, 2021

For over seventy years, tap water in the US has contained trace amounts of fluoride to help humble tooth decay. The CDC states 25 percent of tooth decay is reduced by fluoridated water. Fluoride and fluoride treatments deliver more significant benefits to protect teeth. The treatments are beneficial for people at a higher risk of tooth decay but are not suitable for everyone.

This article looks at the benefits of fluoride and fluoride treatments provided by the general dentistry near me to strengthen your teeth against cavities. We also offer information on fluoride treatment recommendations.

What Exactly Are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride treatments from the dentist near me are a professional therapy containing a high concentration of fluoride applied to your teeth by the dentist or dental hygienist. The treatment helps improve your oral health and reduces the risk of cavities. In-office fluoride treatments from dentists are available in various forms like solutions, varnish, gel, and foam. Some high concentration fluoride treatments are also available over-the-counter. However, they are best used at home under the specific guidance of your dentist.

Fluoride treatments provided by dentists contain higher doses of fluoride, delivering immediate benefits. However, the fluoride used by dentists is similar to what is available in toothpaste.

The Advantages of Fluoride and Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride has several advantages for the teeth.

Fluoride helps the body use minerals like calcium and phosphate better because the teeth absorb these minerals to restore weak tooth enamel. When available to developing teeth, fluoride joins into the tooth structure to strengthen its tooth enamel. The joining ensures that it becomes less vulnerable to microorganisms and tooth decay. Fluoride can slow or even reverse the development of holes by harming the organisms causing them.

When combined, these advantages are helpful to reduce the risk and slow down the growth of cavities and delay the need for expensive dental treatments. In addition, fluoride helps prolong the life of baby teeth and reduces the amount of time and money you have to spend at your dentist’s office.

Fluoride treatments help prevent cavities and slow the growth of microorganisms to help you avoid gum disease, reduce tooth pain, and prevent premature loss of teeth.

The WHO states your oral health is a significant predictor of your overall health, and fluoride treatments can improve your oral health. Poor dental health causes various other health conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

Recommendations for fluoride treatments

The ADA and CDC both recommend frequent exposure to trace amounts of fluoride every day as best for reducing dental cavities risk for all ages. Most people can satisfy their needs for fluoride by drinking tap water with optimal fluoride levels or brushing their teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. In addition, children or adults at a higher risk of tooth decay can receive additional benefits from fluoride treatments.

Dental cavities are a chronic problem among children more common than asthma. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends fluoride treatment for children soon after developing their teeth to prevent decay, pain, and dental infections later. Depending on a child’s risk of cavities, dentists must repeat fluoride treatments every three to six months.

To reduce the risk of overexposure, the dentist in Berkeley Heights, NJ, recommends children’s caregivers should brush the child’s teeth with a tiny quantity of fluoride toothpaste to reduce decay and minimize the risk of fluorosis. The children need supervision when brushing to ensure they use the appropriate amount of toothpaste and spit it after brushing. In addition, children below six are advised not to use at home fluoride rinses or mouthwash to prevent the risk of swallowing too much fluoride.

The recommendations of fluoride treatments for adults vary. Therefore, researchers have investigated different concentrations, doses, and frequencies of treatments for adults.

Adults at a moderate to high risk of developing tooth decay can benefit by receiving fluoride treatments. Dentists recommend adults at an increased risk of dental cavities find it beneficial to get twice-yearly fluoride treatments for optimal benefits. People must discuss the advantages and dangers of fluoride treatments with their dentists. In addition, they must consider all sources of fluoride they get, including mouthwash, fluoridated water, and toothpaste. However, people living in areas where water is not fluoridated benefit significantly from frequent fluoride treatments their dentists provide.

Fluoride treatments are safe and beneficial for most. Even when any side effects develop, they are usually minimal and negligible compared to the benefits. Unfortunately, it does not confirm fluoride treatments are safe for everyone at all times. People with a high risk of tooth decay or cavities must discuss their concerns with their preferred dentist.

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