Exploring the Impact of Invisalign® on Your Face Shape

Exploring the Impact of Invisalign® on Your Face Shape

Aug 12, 2021

Are you concerned about the appearance of your teeth when you smile? Unfortunately, when you have an anomaly in your dental formula, you can feel like the thing that everyone stares at when you smile and talk. This can make it difficult for people with crooked and malpositioned teeth to exude confidence in their lives. As such, you should consider visiting a dentist near you for a teeth-straightening treatment. Thankfully, modern dentistry has many solutions for teeth alignment that do not involve the conspicuous nature of metal braces. You may be surprised at how much of a difference teeth aligners can have on the appearance of your face shape and smile.

What Is Invisalign?

It is a type of teeth aligner used for orthodontic treatment in dentistry. Unlike other types of teeth aligners like metal braces, Invisalign braces are transparent, made from a plastic-like material. These teeth aligners are, therefore, also termed invisible or clear teeth aligners or braces. The clear braces have significantly changed the face of orthodontics, pulling in more patients who are intrigued by the anonymity of the oral appliances for their treatment.

Even then, do not decide on your own that you will get Invisalign braces. You need to talk to your dentist regarding your options. The reason is that these braces work best for mild and moderate orthodontic issues. For complex cases, a dentist will recommend getting metal braces instead. The good news, however, is that, even if you start your treatment with metal braces, you can have Invisalign aligners to complete your treatment.

What Does Invisalign Treatment Involve?

Treatment with Invisalign relies on the application of controlled pressure on teeth for an extended period. The pressure will cause teeth to rotate and move accordingly. The shape of teeth aligners is designed by a dental expert that will ensure they direct teeth in the direction they should shift. This motion and rotation happen slowly and gradually. Since it is not the natural position of your teeth, you may experience some soreness in your gums and jaw pain when you eat. However, the discomfort is more pronounced when you first wear the invisible aligners and gets better as you go.

Orthodontics is not a quick fix that will solve your dental problem in a matter of days. Instead, you may have to commit to the treatment for about a year or two before you are done. Through the months, you will go through many different invisible aligners to correct the alignment of your teeth and your bite. Each aligner will change your teeth and bite to a certain degree slowly until you achieve your final results at the end of the treatment duration. The number of aligners you receive over the treatment period will depend on your orthodontist’s treatment plan relative to the complexity of your dental malalignment.

Does Invisalign Change Your Face Shape?

Your face shape appearance is influenced by your jaw and teeth. The different orthodontics issues you had before Invisalign treatment influence how your face appears. For example, crooked teeth cause your smile to appear crooked too. An overbite (protruding front upper teeth) will also pull your upper lip too far outward, while an underbite (protruding front lower teeth) will extrude the lower lips.
Depending on how complex your malalignment was before your treatment, the impact on your smile will be significant once your teeth and jaw are adjusted accordingly. This, however, is not to imply that you will be an unrecognizable person, instead, it only means that there will be noticeable changes in the symmetry of your face and smile.


You will enjoy the appearance of your smile and face after your treatment with Invisalign teeth aligners. Better yet, your mouth will function better once your bite has been corrected. In these ways, you can consider orthodontics multi-faceted regarding the results it yields afterward.

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